Sussex Downs College, 12th October 2006

Julian Rhind-Tutt put in an excellent performance on October 12 as he discussed the highs and lows
of the acting industry to an audience at Lewes 6th Form College

Julian also spoke to students about having a back up plan to fill in gaps between jobs, and how it can later inspire a performance: "Even if in your heart of hearts it's not what you want to do, spending six weeks in an office can provide a great source of inspiration for the future," said Julian.
"Ricky Gervais obviously spent a lot of time in an office environment" he quipped. As well as encouraging the students to follow their dreams, Julian reiterated that like so many of the arts industries, a lot of success is down to luck: "However brilliant, amazing and talented you are, most of it comes down to luck," he told the crowd.
"Do as much travelling, education and working

before you come out of the university system- it'll all add up."

Julian talked to students about working as an actor in the Performing Arts Industries to give them a sense

of what life is like for a professional actor, and the diverse number of skills and abilities the actor needs to cultivate.

Julian answered questions relating to the Unit 6 Performing Arts exam, which specifically focuses on career pathways in the subject. He also found some time to reflect on Green Wing, answer questions and sign one or two autographs.

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