BBC Press Pack , 17th January 2005

The Rotters Club

Julian Rhind-Tutt plays Nigel Plumb


Tell me about Nigel Plumb.
He's the philandering art master who tries to seduce one of the mothers using any of the powers that his intellect can muster.

How well do you remember the Seventies?
I have lots of fleeting images from when I was young. My brothers and sisters are all a lot older than me and I'm youngest by ten years so I have memories and visions of my brothers and sisters and their various girlfriends and boyfriends all dressed in Seventies clothes. It's also the first time I've been in a programme that is set during a period I was actually alive in that is actually referred to as a period drama.

What was it like working on a Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais script?
It's a fantastic adaptation. They have that magic touch of knowing what not to say and eliciting all the important moments. It was certainly a treat to work on such a beautifully written adaptation.

Do you have anything else coming up?
I've just done a psychological thriller called The River King with Ed Burns and Jennifer Ehle - the theatrical release is in spring 2005 and it's possibly going to be doing some festivals.

The next series of Green Wing [Channel 4] starts filming in January and will be out in autumn.


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