Channel 4 Webchat, 15th October 2004

Julian gave up his Friday night and came in to 4Chat to discuss how it feels to ride a

Chat Ed : Welcome to this evening's GREEN WING chat with Julian Rhind-Tutt who plays Mac in the surreal hospital drama.

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Hello...anyone out there?

MrsPimms : JULIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Hi!

Ranger : woo mac
danlormor : hi mac how r u

Julian Rhind-Tutt : This is Julian from Green Wing. I wish I could have thought of something better to say as a starter.

taggy : julian is soooooo beautiful!!
Joe : im a straight guy and even I think he's sexy ;)
Sofi : Who does your hair? It's foreign starfish (very stylish)
Joe : Julian, you have very sexy hair! Is it like that in real life or is it all glamoured up
for the show? :P
AliciaJude : The hair is great...long live the hair!
Strife : I love your hair!!!!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : A very nice lady called Judith did the hair and make up on Green Wing and a lady called Becki, who lives in Wimbledon.

Chloe : Very nice

Julian Rhind-Tutt : It's definitely like that in real life. I have to have it like that to cover my big ears that look like the FA cup.

starlite : congratulations on tonight's show. How much fun was the fight?
Damian : Julian great show....tonight's had me in tears laughing

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Great fun. Only a few people will ever know how satisfying it is to
push Steve Mangan's face into a bowl of cornflakes. And then get to do it again and again and again.

Angie-k : lol, i can imagine. id love to do it

Julian Rhind-Tutt : The only trouble was by the end he started to smell quite sour because of the milk.

belladona : And you get paid!
nuvar-t : Hello Julian, Did you find it strange riding a motorbike naked?
Cass : How did it feel to ride a motorcycle stark naked?
Rose : mmmmmm memories!!!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : No, I do it most days. I find it very liberating, although you have to be careful when riding a motorbike naked because the exhausts can get very hot.

MindeMinx : how did you come across green wing project and what appealed to you the most?
Tozzyo : ha ha
-x-PrInCeSs-x- : ha!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : The Producer of Green Wing, Victoria Pile, asked me to come and have a chat about a new project they were working on and we spent a long time talking and improvising. They asked me to be in Green Wing because I was the only one who could get a word in edgeways when Steve was talking.

miggs : hi, who is responsible for writing the script? do the actors play a part?
Ben : so do you have quite a bit of say in the way that the scripting goes?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Yes they do. A team of writers write the scenes, they give them to us and we improvise around them. They listen to what we say and then they go off and write that down and we have a new scene. Then when we come to film we improvise again in front of the camera, so some of what you see is very clever writing and the other half is us messing around.

Dale : some of the most hilarious moments seem to happen when the actors are trying to corpse each other by taking the scene to a perfect extreme - is this true?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : It has been known, yes. It's certainly very difficult to stop laughing at times. Once Steve and I get going there is a tendency to let an edge of competitiveness creep in. When I had to kiss Tamsin she was being so funny that I kept laughing in her mouth. So it took a few takes.

helen : poor old tamsin
Mike Barlow : Steve really does look like the donkey in Shrek, doesn't he?
AnnaandRob : Is Steve anything like Guy?
danielle : do you play any pranks on each other?
tobgirl : poor tamsin nothing
She-hulk : Oooh the jealousy!!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Yes of course he does....

milly : he's quite sexy in a mean kind of way though...
Lizzie : but no way as sexy as julian

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Steve shares Guy's sense of ambition and competitiveness, but it is with great regret that I have to admit he is in fact a very charming and gentle man in real life.

Jennifer : So he doesn't hate children then!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Yes, I know what you mean milly, but I quite agree with you Lizzie and I know Steve would too.

Flicky : absolutly!

Julian Rhind-Tutt chuckles at Jennifer, as far as I know, he doesn't. He comes from an Irish-Catholic family, so I think he has about 435 nephews and cousins.

JennSin : Are you anything like your character Mac?
rosemm : Can I have your babies
Aurora : i think green wing is the funniest show ever! and YOU'RE HOT!
choccychompa : aaaargghh, I love you Julian!!!!!!
Paddington : My mate from school says hi
mary : oh my gawd..*jumps on bandwagon*.....I LOVE YOU TOO JULIAN xxxxxx

Julian Rhind-Tutt : No, after years of training I have made a remarkable transformation into the character of Mac but most insults that are traded in the show stem from our real life chats. That's very kind of you all... As Mac I will say no more but I'm sure Guy will be collecting all your phone numbers.

shelley : i prefer robbie Williams

Julian Rhind-Tutt : I'm more of a David Bowie man myself, shelley.

Michelle : Outrageous!
smiley : Did you (and the scriptwriters) realise you were making a character that would appeal so much to women??
tobgirl : Are you getting mobbed by lovely ladies wherever you go now?!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : And no I certainly didn't set out to create a character that was appealing to ladies, but the producer is a very wise lady and had an eye on appealing to all sections of the audience. A few very charming ladies down at my Dad's whist drive have been very kind (average age 75-93). My brother is the headmaster of a special school and I know some of his dinner ladies have been very kind to me as well.

lucyfer : lol
Green-Wing-Fan : lol
raven : are you spoken for?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : It's more than my life would be worth to say no, raven!

Kerri : hiya, out of all the other guys in the green wing team, who's your favourite? and why?
Sofi : Who's the most interesting actor/actress to work with?
sammi : did u fancy tamsin greig?
Foonkay : Which member of the cast makes YOU laugh the most?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : That's an impossible question to answer, Kerri. If you enjoy the programme perhaps you'll understand that all the characters are so funny that it's impossible to have a favourite.

nat : such a gent!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : I spend a lot of time with Karl and Steve who always make me laugh a lot. But Mark and Michelle are both geniuses. It's very difficult not to laugh when you're with them.

Angie-k : Is Mark Heap really as mad as he seems?
Jen : Is the Scottish woman that mad in real life?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : sammi - everyone fancies Tamsin. Without doubt Jen, but in a far sexier way that Alan Statham and his moustache.

Michelle : Michelle is astounding....
Scottish_fee : all Scottish women are:)
lisa a : What have I seen you in before, I seem to recognise you?
tobgirl : What else can we see you in other than the Green Wing?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Your local bar? Maybe Notting Hill?

Paddington : You were in Tomb Raider (the first one) weren't you?
fairyfaith : nice filmography...

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Or if you're not watching the tele I've been down at the National Theatre.

Tozzyo : He played a God in Black Books
lucyfer : yay the national rules
rosemm : Who gets the girl?!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Only a fortnight to go...

fatsia : Is there going to be a DVD of Green Wing?
Shrek : Don't say that I can't cope!
Tanika : is there a 2nd series?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Yes I believe there is - that's how they make all their money ;)

belladona : yay!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Don't quote me, but as far as I know there will be a second series.

Chat Ed : Our half hour with Julian is almost up, so last few questions now...

Kayhan : Are you a natural ginger?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : I prefer the expression strawberry blonde, which is why Steve takes the piss in the programme.

annie : see strawberry blonde
Flicky : i'm strawberry blonde!
drigz : strawberry blonde = GINGE!!!!
Strife : Rudeness!
Nancy : What are your favourite comedy shows?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Favourite comedy shows... I've always been a huge fan of Simon Pegg and Catherine Tate but I also used to enjoy the The Day Today and Chris Morris very much.

lucyfer : i love simon pegg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blahgem : Chris Morris is wicked
Beanie : woo, simon pegg
clare : What's your favourite piece of Classical Music?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : clare - tonight, let's say Bach's double violin concerto in E minor. But it's late and I'm tired.

Winky Bee : Don't leave us
Chessham : Julian blow us a kiss (x)
helen : Thank you for making me laugh so much and making green wing perfect!
Chimpo : Whats your favourite word?

Julian Rhind-Tutt : My favourite word is: more...

Kerri : mmmm more more more
Hanna : more more more more!
teenus : sweat dreams julian
amy s : we will!!!
julia22 : i'm definitely going to buy the dvd of green wing, it's so unusual!
Rhind my Tutt !!! : Thank You Julian

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Sweet dreams to you too.

Tanika : xXx
Slippy : noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ali : Keep up the fantastic acting!
crizzler : Take care!xxx
danielle : you rock!

Julian Rhind-Tutt : Thank you for all your questions but the nice lady in charge says I have to go now. Goodbye!

Julian Rhind-Tutt leaves the room


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