Keen Eddie Publicity, 2002-3


London Free Press - Matt Wolf, AP (3 Jun 2003)

Playing a NYPD detective sent to England for a new TV series is Eddie Arlette's cup of tea

In a separate interview during a set visit in January, Rhind-Tutt spoke of the way the series works. "There are a lot of cultural understandings and misunderstandings; there's a lot we can play through."

To start with, the two detectives are distinctly attired, Eddie in corduroy and Monty in a pink shirt that, coupled with his flowing hair, makes him look distinctly foppish.

"I'm not quite sure about the truth of how sharply dressed they are at the real Scotland Yard," smiles Rhind-Tutt, a British theatre actor who played one of the journalists sent to interview Hugh Grant in the movie Notting Hill. While Rhind-Tutt sees Valley's Eddie as "a sexy version of Columbo," Monty, in turn, flies the flag for British sartorial spiffiness.

"It makes good sense with the tradition of English tailoring that maybe I went for something a bit smarter," Rhind-Tutt said.

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Bucks Free Press, 5th December 2002

Eddie is keen on Elstree By Mark Foy

Describing his work on the show, Julian said: "It is great fun you get to do lots of exciting things you always dreamed about when you were a kid watching detective programmes."

He said he was looking forward to appearing in an American television series for the first time, although he hoped that the show would eventually make its way to Britain as well.

"I think it would appeal to British audiences for American audiences the setting of London gives it an exciting backdrop which they have not seen on their cop shows."

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