Heat Magazine 2006

2 Oct 06 - Star Selection

Last Film: Cars, but I walked out when I realised it was a children's film and not a clever adult-crossover thing.

Last CD: Some recordings of a radio show Bob Dylan has been presenting in America

Last DVD: The last series of Peep Show . I'm a massive fan

Last Book: Restless by William Boyd. It's absolutely brilliant.

20th September 2006

TV Shows: I've been a bit starved of TV recently, because I've been doing up my flat for a few

months and have had no telly in there. But I always enjoy University Challenge, although I can hardly

ever answer any of the questions. I also really loved Bleak House and 24.

Pin-Up: Actress Isabella Rossellini. She's got charm, elegance, poise…and experience.

Snacks: I like a good takeaway curry. I go for nice spicy ones- chicken dopiaza is my favourite.

Switch- Off: Big Brother. I try to avoid it, but I often end up watching it with friends who are into it. Reality TV isn't my cup of tea.


9th May 2006 - My favourite telly

TV Shows
: I love Newsnight because I really like Jeremy Paxman. I also like Beauty and the Geek - its by far the best Reality TV show around at the moment.

Pin-up: Call me old fashioned but I'm going to have to go for Heather Graham. She can rollerskate and i think she fits well into anyone's description of a perfect pin-up.

Snacks: Spaghetti carbonara. I should say Pot Noodles, but i don't really want to admit to that. I make the best bacon sarnies too.

Switch-Off: Anything that involves members of the public phoning in. I get very embarrassed when people go on shows like that.

March 2006 - Julian Rhind-Tutt - GreenWing Star plays Doctors & Nurses with Jordan Paramor

Hi Julian, How are you?
Very well, thanks. And whatever you're going to ask me first, the answer is 'really big'.

Good to know. Now, are you a natural ginger?
Who said I was ginger? I would say I'm a strawberry blond.

And how do you feel about being a sex symbol?
If I knew what that was like, I'd be able to tell you, but I'm afraid I don't. Mind you, I do know a few dinner ladies who have taken a bit of a shine to me.

You must have had lots of saucy letters from fans, though.
I've had a few, but I have a very strong suspicion that they're from 40-year-old men. I've also had a couple of letters from prison, which I'm rather proud of.

Your name is terribly posh. Are you really like that?
No, my surname only happened because a couple of people put their names together, and then my mum gave me an even posher first name, and suddenly there I was, being picked on in the playground. I don't have the true pedigree of someone posh - or the money, sadly. But the name comes in handy getting tables in restaurants.

Hugh Grant's getting on a bit now. Do you fancy taking over from him as the typical bumbling English gent?
I could be the next Hugh Grant if I could do what he does half as well as him. I've had the privilege of watching him do what he does (Julian was in Notting Hill) and he makes it look very easy.

You were also in Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie. Did she ever try it on with you?
God, day after day. In the end I had to say, "Angelina, we have different priorities and i's just not going to work". Seriously though, she's very charming. She's very smart.

Michael Winner reckons that being funny is the best way of getting sex. Is the Green Wing green room one big orgy?
Totally. It's incredibly good fun. But pretty much everyone on the show is spoken for, so we just have a laugh as opposed to sex. Obviously, we all hope that being funny will get us more sex, but there's not a lot of Green Wing incest.

What's your medical knowledge like?
I have localised areas of knowledge, but broadly speaking, I'd say close to absolute zero.

Could you, for instance, resuscitate someone?
I did actually go on a voluntary London Ambulance resuscitation course because I thought it would be rather handy, so I'm supposed to know how to do it. There was a bloke from Casualty in my class. Did you know that in Canada you have to do a resuscitation course to pass your driving test?

Well, you learn something new everyday.
Here's another fact: Guy Pearce has appeared in both Home & Away and Neighbours.

Wow! This interview is both informative and educational.
I'm glad. It's what I like to call teaching with delight.

Are you any good at the Heimlich manoeuvre?
Yes, because we touched on that on the resuscitation course.

Blimey, you're virtually a medical genius.
I'm a hair's breadth from being a paramedic. So if the acting career goes down the pan - which could be any day now - at least I've got something to fall back on.