Press Pack, Miss Marple, Ordeal by Innocence, Sept 2007


"Doctor Calgary is a scientist and an explorer, who has been in the arctic. He's a quiet man with the pedantry of a scientist.

He's one of the more light hearted characters in this story, but he stumbles across some crucial information and he stirs it all up. And he gets a bit overexcited, bless him. Although I am one of the few people who isn't a suspect, I am attempting to keep the option open that I might have done it. I want to be a red herring!

You know when you fill up a ship to the critical mass and it sinks? Well eventually there was a critical mass of superstars in this episode and I thought it's time for me to get on board! Also I was talking to Mark Gatiss from one of the earlier episodes and he ridiculously brainwashed me one day into doing a Marple! Also I tend to do lots of things that are rude, with lots of swearing and sex scenes, so it was quite nice to do something I could show my aunties! I can hold it up to my family and say "look I've been in a Marple"!

Marples are very exciting if they are done right in a beautifully crafted and gentle way. They are classic stories. I don't read many
of the novels, but I was always a fan of the Joan Hickson Miss Marples. And Geraldine brings her own peculiar brilliance and a
youthful exuberance to it after Joan Hickson"


Source: Chorion/ITV press pack for Miss Marple, series 3