Jools, GreenWingSeries2 - DVD Signing Report, January 2006


I thought it only fair that we have a brief report of the DVD signing, otherwise the fans will descend into mass hysteria.
So Hells from the Forum was able to meet with Julian and the other cast members and this is just a brief report of the night.
(If anyone else would like to share their thoughts, please let me know and I'll add them here - less screaming and
simpering of course ;)). So from what I can gleam there was a huge crowd assembled at Virgin and many of the various Green Wing website fans
got to meet each other for the first time. Our corner of the web was represented by Hells, Jo, Tutt-Sweet and Ducati Lady
(who gets the prize for dedication having travelled all the way from France).

The guys all arrived sometime after 6pm and consisted of Julian, Stephen, Pippa, Mark, Michelle and for a short while Karl.
Ian Hislop and James Henry were also in attendance but don't think anyone got to see them. A whole host of signing and posings then ensued but until people give me their reports I can't remember who did what and to whom! (Sorry this isn't really a proper post but more an excuse to post some photos). Anyway for more info check out Greenwing Live journal and Steve Mangan's site where a whole heap of experiences are being posted. Suffice to say everyone had a great time (despite the long wait) and was mightly impressed by the whole friendliness of the cast. Quite a few people have now fallen in love with Steve (or should that read Guy?) and a few more have seen the (to quote a fan) 'etheral glow' that is Julian!

Hopefully I'll have some more updates in the next couple of days once I can piece together some coherent paragraphs of information.
Other titbits gleamed from fans include: Stephen Mangan wears a kilt in the special episode The 'mysterious' clip of Steve and Julian is for an advert (but we don't know what for) Still waiting on a whole heap of photos and apologies if I've used anyone's without permission - just email me if you don't want them displayed.
Photos are courtesy of various fans including FaerieQueen, JustTracy, Jo, Hells, Tutt-Sweet, Ducati Lady, Dubulous, Skittle Ho........
(The particularly clear photos are courtesy of Michelle and can be found in their entirety over on that site - Thanks Dubulous)


The 'money shot' - Julian on his phone - of course, no pictures of Julian would be complete without a couple of these, almost as common as bananas!